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Five Fundamental Dog Obedience Commands

Dog training communication is based on establishing a relationship first. At the beginning of this relationship, expectations must be clear. Keeping things simple, always help.

The first goal is for you to communicate in simple terms and teach your dog what you mean and train him to follow your instructions.

Here are five simple commands to get you started.

Sit – A mono-syllable, which means nothing to your dog until you show him. A simple teaching process is to lift the treat up so that your dog lifts his head and gently push the hips down at the same time, so he sits.

Down – Once the sit is established, you lower the treat or the leash to the ground, and your dog’s head will follow. The result is your dog lying down.

Heel – An unnatural move for dogs that want to explore. So be patient. Heel command should result in your dog on your left side as you move.

Stay – This command requires your dog to stay in a position that could be seated, down, or stand.

Come – After the concept of stay is well-known, then you move to come.