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We follow the Schutzhund style of training, but are not geared to the sport aspect. Instead we focus on reality scenes. The canines are made to face crowds, multiple decoys, and real aggression. The handlers are taught to maintain control of the canine and handle many situations.

Our security program consists of several breeds, including Rottweilers, Malinois and German Shepherds. Many dogs can show the obedience and motivation to perform well under pressure.

Our Program:

  • Regular maintenance training to improve obedience, bite-work, and agility, with a strong emphasis on controlled and safe canines.
  • A training environment where security guards can learn about decoy work, control, animal behavior, and handling skills.
  • A weekly maintenance program to ensure teams are in top shape for any work-day circumstance.
  • Validated by the Justice Institute of BC.
  • All new Handlers and Canines are Validated prior to working in public.
  • Testing - Our Certification includes: Canine Good Citizen Test (C.G.C.), agility, obedience, and protection work.
Development Schedule:
  • Start regular obedience (at 5 months)
  • Specific security training (at 14 months)
  • Active duty (at 17 months)
  • Continued maintenance for the rest of their active working lives (4-6 hours a week)

Validations are Government Certifications imposed and regulated by the
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  Putting on a show  
  Security Dogs in Training  
  Western K9 Security Handlers  
  Security K9 Team  
  A training session for Damon, a patrol canine  
  Storm giving 110% going after the decoy  
  Dax, young male practicing on some bite work  
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