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Bed Bug Detection
Bed Bug Dogs
What is a Bed Bug Dog? - Our canine companions have worked with us for centuries using their noses. This makes these 4 legged animals ideal for searching out Bed bugs with amazing accuracy.

How accurate is a Bed Bug Dog? - Detection dogs have a 97.5% correct positive indication rate on detecting bed bugs and their eggs making a K9 detection team faster and more reliable that other methods. Bed Bug dogs detect as few as a single adult specimen or 5 viable eggs, and are also able to discriminate live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs from dead bed bugs, cast skins, and feces.

How are Bed Bug Dogs trained? - Obedience Plus has trained dogs for over 35 years. When training detection dogs the concept is the same for narcotics, explosives or bed bugs. Master trainers put hundreds of hours into detection dog training; they are then paired with qualified handlers that complete the certification together. Obedience Plus is diligent in our maintenance program. All teams are required to conduct training sessions on a weekly or bi weekly basis.

Hitch - Bed Bug Dog Hitch - Bed Bug Dog
About Bed Bugs
What is a Bed Bug? - Bedbugs belong to the insect family of Cimicidae, they are small, nocturnal, wingless insects. When mature they are 4-5 mm long, brown in color. Nymph bed bugs are smaller 1-4 mm and almost transparent to yellowish in collar.

They feed on human's warm blood. Preferring dark, undisturbed areas near where we (the Host) sleep or sit. When not feeding they hide in crevices in furniture and baseboards near beds. They are active at night so they are hard to spot during the daytime hours.; When there is a suspected potential problem in a dwellings (usually with high turnover (e.g. hotels and motels) it can be quite difficult to know if bed bugs are present when they are still small in numbers. K9 detection dogs are most effective at this time. Since bed bugs have the ability to move to different rooms in multi-unit buildings, stopping the infestation early becomes critical.

Bed Bugs Bed Bugs
How do you get Bed Bugs? - Bed bugs do not cling to people and they do not jump. By nature, bed bugs are stow-a-ways. They enter homes or apartments by hiding out in the cracks and crevices of luggage, furniture, clothing, pillows, boxes and other objects when they are moved between apartments, homes and hotels. Cleanliness is not the issue issue as bed bugs can show up almost anywhere.

Bed Bug Locations
Bed Bug Locations Bed Bug Locations
Our K9 Team Inspections
If you hire a bed bug K9 detection team, here are some other things which would be helpful to ask in advance of hiring a team:
What is included in the inspection?
Our team will contact you with a time. You the client will discuss all areas of concern prior to the start.

Do handlers mark areas where the dog alerts?
The team will make auditory and written notes of all areas where the K9 has shown interest or alerted.

Do handlers visually confirm alerts?
Handlers will visually search for any evidence of bed bugs.

What type of documentation is left with the customer?
There is a written work sheet with a ticket # and a full description of the inspection

How much time is included in the visit?
Time is determined by the size of the area to be inspected. We will not rush, our k9 need break times as well.

How do I know that the dog team is trained?
Our teams carry their certifications which are conducted yearly.
Prevention Programs
Experts believe the recent increase in bed bugs in Canada may be due to more travel, lack of knowledge about preventing infestations, increased resistance of bed bugs to pesticides, and ineffective pest control practices.

The good news is that there are ways to control bed bugs. Getting good, solid information is the first step in both prevention and control. While there is no chemical quick fix, there are effective strategies to control bed bugs involving both non-chemical and chemical methods. K9 Detection dogs are a key factor in prevention of infestation.

**For new clients we offer a free demo**
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